Unconventional Date Ideas in Singapore for Couples

Unconventional Date Ideas in Singapore for Couples

Singapore is a beautiful and bustling city-state that has plenty of attractions for couples. While the traditional date ideas like dinner and a movie or a walk in the park are always enjoyable, why not try something unconventional?

One idea is to incorporate a deck of poker cards into your date to help spark meaningful conversations and align values and expectations before making major life decisions.

UsingĀ This Poker Deck for Meaningful Conversations

The 52 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married poker deck contains 52 unique questions specifically designed for couples to ask each other before getting married.

These questions can help couples delve deeper into their values, goals, and desires, and ensure that they are on the same page before making a lifelong commitment. Incorporating the poker deck into a date can be a fun and engaging way to learn more about each other and strengthen your bond.

Unconventional Date Ideas in Singapore

Now that you have an idea of how to incorporate the poker deck into your date, let's explore some unconventional date ideas in Singapore.

Explore the ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is a unique museum that combines art and science in its exhibits. It has a rotating selection of exhibits, so there's always something new to see. The museum also offers guided tours and workshops, making it a great place to learn something new together.

Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a fun and interactive way to spend time together while learning a new skill. There are several cooking schools in Singapore that offer classes for couples, such as CulinaryOn and The Kitchen Society. You can learn how to cook a new cuisine or perfect a dish you both love.

Visit the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. It's home to over 2,800 animals, including many endangered species. You can take a guided tour, attend an animal show, or even have breakfast with the orangutans.

Wander Around Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is a historic neighborhood in Singapore that is known for its colorful shophouses, trendy cafes, and Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine. It's a great place to explore on foot, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling streets. You can also visit the Malay Heritage Centre to learn more about the area's rich history.


Singapore has plenty of activities for couples, whether you prefer traditional or unconventional dates. Incorporating the poker deck into your date can help you have meaningful conversations and ensure that you and your partner are aligned on important topics. So why not try something new and explore all that Singapore has to offer?

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